We have a number of informational videos on our YouTube page, “SeattleBraces”, http://youtu.be/lj8BRXKVgiI .  We have produce a number of unique videos related to lingual orthodontics using the Incognito system.

We are in the process of producing a series of video’s documenting the treatment using Incognito braces from the initial records appointment including the PVS impressions used to make the brackets, the appliance delivery appointment, each and every adjustment apointment and the bracket removal and retainer delivery!  Stay tuned as we release these videos……….


Invisalign G4 incorporates the latest research from Invisalign to optimize clinical outcomes.

We spent the day attending the latest advanced Invisalign course that was held in Seattle today.  Invisalign has debuted their latest technology, G4.  We studied the latest information related tot these series of high tech attachments that maximize our ability to achieve predictable treatment results in difficult orthodontic cases. Invisalign G4 addresses certain tooth movements that in the past have commonly been considered difficult to achieve with aligners. One feature of these new attachments is designed for better mesio-distal root control of the canines and upper centrals. Some of the clinical applications are space closure, bodily movement, midline shift and mesio-distal uprighting. A second feature addresses movement of the upper laterals. This new feature will address some of the most common multi-plane movements of the lateral, such as extrusion combined with crown tip and rotation.    A third feature is designed to control the extrusion of four upper incisors as one unit. The feature provides for better control and more efficient extrusion of the anterior teeth in the treatment of patients with anterior open bite.   We are confident that Invisalign G4 features, which address the predictability of tooth movement, will enhance the clinicians’ ability to achieve excellent treatment outcomes with the Invisalign system. 

Optimized Root Control Attachments are designed to provide mesio-distal root tip control of canines and upper centrals which in the past have been problem areas for orthodontist trying to achieve ideal treatment results with Invisalign. At Riolo Orthodontics we are continually striving to keep up to date on the latest development in technologies that help our office achieve excellent clinical outcomes using esthetic treatment options.


Dr Riolo

Drs. Riolo and Bayirli are contributers to the orthodontic text book, "Essentials For Orthodontic Practice"

Just a few reasons why “Essential for Orthodontic Practice” is an excellent new educational resource for both the student and practitioner:
Includes chapters in four sections that follow the Commission on Dental Accreditation format and Guidelines for Students of Orthodontics in Dental School.

Provides the essential information on growth and development, psychosocial, behavioral and compliance aspects of care. Covers the foundations for orthodontics, Details the exam and diagnostic process, Reviews the basics of orthodontics treatment and its effects

Contains 700 pages with full color presentation for maximum visual learning

Details many new frontiers for the exam, orthodontic records, diagnosis and planning treatment. Includes a definitive chapter on epidemiology and malocclusion

Table of Contents
Section I Growth and Development

1. Developmental, Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Compliance Aspects of Care
Stephanie A. Riolo and Steven J. Ceresnie
2. Prenatal Craniofacial Development
Malcom C. Johnston and James K. Avery
3. Postnatal Craniofacial Development: Muscles and Nerves
Malcom C. Johnston and James K. Avery
4. Growth of the Craniofacial Skeleton
Donald H. Enlow
5. Development of the Dentition and Occlusion
James Mah, John E. Grubb, Robyn S. Silberstein and Michael L. Riolo

Section II Foundations of Orthodontics

6. Classification and Terminology
Joseph Damone II
7. Etiology of Malocclusion
Anne-Marie Bollen
8. Force Systems and Tissue Response
Daman D. Thanik, Richard Kulbersh and James K. Avery
9. Tissue Engineering
William L. Murphy and David J. Mooney
10. Clinical Epidemiology and Malocclusion
Burcu Bayirli

Section III Examination and Diagnosis

11. Orthodontic Exam and Diagnosis
G. Frans Currier
12. Analysis of Orofacial and Jaw Musculature
Christian S. Stohler
13. Analysis of Dentition and Occlusion
Deborah E. Priestap, Michelle J. Thornberg and Michael L. Riolo
14. Dental Dysmorphogenesis
Robyn S. Silberstein
15. Analysis of the Orofacial Skeleton
W. Stuart Hunter
16. Planning Orthodontic Treatment
Christopher S. Riolo and James L. Vaden

Section IV Treatment and Effects

17. Preadolescent Treatment
Michael L. Riolo, Colin A. Mayers and William M. Northway
18. Adolescent Treatment
Thomas J. Cangialosi and Stella S. Efstratiadis
19. Adult Treatment
Valmy Pangrazio-Kulbersh
20. Treatment of Patients with Craniofacial Anomalies
Bailey N. Jacobson and Ronald S. Jacobson
21. Retention, Relapse and the Recurrence of Malocclusion
Manish Valiathan and Mark G. Hans
22. The Adverse Effects of Orthodontic Treatment
William F. Hohlt and Judith B. Rose


The AJODO Review of “Essentials for Orthodontic Practice” is presented below:

Essentials for Orthodontic Practice 
Michael L. Riolo and James K. Avery


Essentials for Orthodontic Practice home


We are almost done with our office remodel.  We are almost done with our office remodel. We have expanded the office, moved our Kodak 9000C3D into a dedicated space, added a new sterilization facility and updated our lab space and the lab and mechanical equipment. We added an additional treatment room as well as remodeled 2 two other existing treatment rooms and a records and consultation space. All of these rooms have refurbished chairs and new computers and software. We have also added large touch screen computers to our new consultation rooms in order to facilitate communication with our patients as well as assist in working with our Incognito and Invisalign setups. We are also upgrading the software used in our practice in clinical treatment. These software upgrades will allow us to more efficiently employ lingual brackets (Incognito System) to meet the clinical challenges presented by our patients.

Office Tour

Pictures of the office remodel in progress, Making changes to facilitate efficient lingual treatment....

[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-03-52-2.jpg]00Waiting Room
Seating area in the waiting room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-11-14.jpg]00Waiting Room
Display and coffee station in the waiting room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-20-56-2.jpg]00Front Desk
Front Desk across from waiting room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-11-48-2.jpg]00View down treatment room hallway
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-14-45-52-2.jpg]00Treatment room
Treatment room with large touch screen display
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-00-32.jpg]00Treatment Room
Alternative view of one of the treatment rooms.
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_imgp8140.jpg]00Treatment Chair
Treatment Chair in one of the treatment rooms
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-14-52-2.jpg]00Hallway
View down the treatment room hallway from the records to the waiting room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_imgp7091.jpg]00Consultation Room
Consultation table and typodonts
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_imgp8107.jpg]00Treatment Room
View of a treatment room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-14-22.jpg]00Kodak 9000
View of the Kodak 9000c3D
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-15-00-59.jpg]00Treatment Room
[img src=http://seattleorthodontist.com/wp-content/flagallery/office-tour/thumbs/thumbs_2012-11-09-14-45-44.jpg]00Treatment Room
alternative view of the treatment room