2011 Incognito users meeting

Dr Riolo is traveling to the 2011 Incognito Appliance System users meeting along with orthodontic professionals from around the world at the Atlantis Resort, Bahamas. This meeting offers unique learning opportunity for orthodontists interested in the incognito custom lingual bracket system.

The Incognito™ Appliance System enables clinicians to provide invisible orthodontic treatment with remarkable quality and speed, even in the most complex malocclusions.

We will be paying special attention to the use of 3D technology and the integration of our new Kodak 9000C 3D focused field imaging system in order to maximize the effectiveness of the incognito CAD/CAM appliances in order to enhance the orthodontic results in our office. We are looking to integrate Clinical patient data with with 3D research data to prevent problems during treatment and maximize the benefit of this appliance system for our patients.

The HARMONY lingual bracket system has arrived in North America.  The Harmony bracket is a digitally customized self ligating lingual bracket system. Harmony has developed CAD/CAM technology and and robotically-formed arch wires.  The harmony system is a self ligating version of the 3M Unitek's Incognito bracket system by that has been available in the United States for over 8 years. Like Incognito the Harmony system has claimed to overcome the difficulties associated with lingual orthodontics, providing a completely invisible system that, unlike aligners, treats all types of cases and rivals the chair time, the treatment time, and the predictability of labial orthodontic systems. American Orthodontics will distribute the HARMONY System globally to meet the growing demand around the world for invisible orthodontic treatment.

self ligating Harmony bracket

Harmony's self ligating lingual bracket

The Harmony bracket System uses PVS impressions sent to their laboratory facilities where they create a highly accurate 3D scan of the patient's teeth, which are then moved to their ideal position following the orthodontist's recommended treatment plan. The brackets are then manufactured with a custom prescription dictated by the orthodontist.

The HARMONY System was developed in 2007 by Dr. Patrick Curiel, an orthodontist with a practice in Paris, France. After four years in development and with over 1,000 successfully treated cases they have partnered with American orthodontics to supply Harmony brackets to North American orthodontists.  With extensive lingual treatment experience using the Incognito system we are now also a certified provider of the harmony bracket system.  Contact us on our web site www.SeattleOrthodontist.com at the Contact Us page or directly through email at info@SeattleOrthodontist.com for more information regarding your treatment options with either Incognito or the new Harmony bracket system.

Our goal is not only to provide a beautiful and functional smile for our patients, but also to promote oral health through excellent preventive care. The purpose of this blog entry is to inform our our patient and the parents of our patients of our protocols for proper care as well as our decalcification prevention program.

A special fluoride-releasing sealant is applied to the tooth surface at the time of appliance placement. This sealant is a light-cured agent that will completely set without an oxygen-inhibited layer. This creates a smooth, hard surface that prevents leakage, helps in the protection of the enamel by aiding in the prevention of decalcification. When indicated, we also periodically place a fluoride varnish to inhibit bacterial growth and decalcification.

Of course, good oral hygiene is required to maintain oral health. We give our patients instructions in tooth brushing, flossing and the need for a proper diet. When appropriate we also employ a prescription Fluoridex toothpaste, initially used three times a day for the first 3 months, then used at least once per day throughout their active treatment and for the first year in retainers. We feel this one-step prescription-strength fluoride application/toothpaste product is an excellent adjunct to the patient oral hygiene protocol. In addition, we also encourage the use of other auxiliary oral hygiene tools such as Waterpiks and electric toothbrushes.

We continue to assess our child and adolescent patient’s oral hygiene at each appointment on an ongoing basis. If a patient presents with good oral care, healthy gums free of gingivitis and no visible plaque or debris, they are rewarded with wooden nickels to use toward the “purchase” of raffle tickets for entry in our bi-monthly drawing for prizes. We feel that this positive reward system serves as a reminder to the patient of the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Our patients continue to see their general dentist on a routine basis throughout their orthodontic treatment. Should their oral hygiene become a challenge, we encourage them to increase their recall intervals to a three or four month rotation. Decalcification "white spot" lesions are the single most common negative side effect of orthodontic treatment in our younger patients and we continue to take this problem very seriously.

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