Braces behind the teeth


Riolo Orthodontics is working to stay on top of the new digital technology.  We are number one provider of Incognito braces behind the teeth and now will be the only orthodontic provider in Seattle to offer these leading edge braces with the need for impressions to manufacture these custom braces.

Intraoral scanning technology is beginning to take off in orthodontics.  As custom appliances such as Incognito braces and Invisalign become more popular, the use of intraoral scanners is becoming more widespread.  We have been researching intraoral scanning  technology for a couple of years and are poised to pull the trigger and an scanning system.  The front running system at Riolo Orthodontics is the new scanner from 3M Unitek.  This scanner will facilitate our ability to quickly and efficiently gather the  data required for the manufacture of Incognito Braces.

Scanning provides precision, accuracy, and repeatability for impression taking. 3M Unitek’s intraoral scanner represents the latest scanning technology; the scanning wand is contained in a small, ergonomic, lightweight, the size of a dental handpiece. The system also offers users the 3M™ Connection Center, which is built on a secure, cloud-based architecture that provides secure integrated connections to third-party systems.  Open STL file format allows users to share scanned data efficiently.  We are traveling to Philidelphia to the American Association of orthodontist meeting will likely return from this meeting with a scanning system in tow!