Riolo Orthodontics now has intraoral scanning technology


The 3M™ True Definition Scanner allows you to move into digital orthodontics with ease. Accurate and precise; the 3M True Definition Scanner supprts open STL files, so we can work with our orthodontic lab, design and mill chairside, or share files with other health car providers and order custom appliances such as Incognito braces behind the teeth. Because your digital impressions are generated by 3M's 3D-in-motion video technology, they'll feature extraordinary detail with industry leading accuracy — providing more control and consistency than traditional processes.Riolo orthodontics now has the ability to produce accurate digital models without messy PVS impressions using intraoral scanning.  These digital impressions serve as an initial record of the patient malocclusion, can be used to produce diagnostic digital setups as well as be used to order orthodontic appliances including custom Incognito braces behind the teeth.

More accurate—and more consistently accurate—than leading systems on the market, the powerful 3D-in-motion video technology delivers full arch scanning in phenomenal detail. We can display digital impressions immediately for analysis and treatment planning, with secure cloud-based storage of unlimited patient scans and access to open STL (three-dimensional) files that can be readily imported into a variety of digital workflows for increased office productivity and efficiency.  These efficiencies translate to time savings and improved treatment outcomes for our patients.

We have the flexibility to work with any lab to produce the appliances most appropriate for our patients. When used to create customized Incognito System Appliances, the system provides seamless transfer of information to the Unitek Treatment Management Portal (TMP), enabling full case management and direct interaction with 3M Unitek resulting in considerable time saving and increase accuracy.