Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) Procedure or Wilckodontics
Wilckodontics or AOO combines orthodontic treatment and periodontal surgery to facilitate the safe and rapid movement of teeth through the jawbone.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AAO) or “Wilckodontics” was developed in order to give many people the options of much shorter treatment times without comprimising treatment.  In addition, many patients present for orthodontic treatment with periodontally conpremised teeth, in these cases  orthodontic treatment can complicate exsisting periodontal issues.  Wilkodontics treatment also offers greater longer term stability of orthodontic results.

Before and After
Before and after expansion using “Wilckodontics”
Typically, orthodontic treatment requires one to two years to complete treatment.  Teeth are moved slowly through the bone to prevent damaging the bone and/or roots of the teeth.  If the bone is too thin over the roots moving the teeth can cause a defect in the bone.  If the bone is too dense, moving the teeth can damage the roots of the teeth.  Wilckodontics was created to facilitate the rapid movement of teeth through the bone and reduce the risks of damaging the roots of the teeth.  It can also increase the supporting bone surrounding the teeth.

Dr Riolo is certified in the AOO procedure (Wilckodontics).  You may be a candidate for Wilckodontics if you want to avoid extractions to resolve crowding issues or have a history of relapse from previous orthodontic treatment.  This procedure is also used to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and has been shown to reduce orthodontic treatment time by two thirds in some cases.  Contact Riolo Orthodontic for more information about Wilckodontics or Braces behind the teeth  using the Incognito braces system.  We are the largest provider of Incognito braces in the Pacific Northwest!  Experience counts!