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Specialized Care

We provide personalized care to determine which treatment option is right for you.

Smile with Lingual Braces, Incognito, Invisalign, and SureSmile Braces at Riolo Orthodontics in Seattle, WA

We offer virtual orthodontic consults, get all of your orthodontic treatment questions answered from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

Board certified Seattle orthodontist Dr. Christopher Riolo at Riolo Orthodontics is the Pacific Northwest’s largest provider of Lingual braces behind the teeth, (such as Incognito and Sure Smile lingual Braces) these are the only truly invisible braces. We employ a number of different lingual orthodontic systems including Incognito, Sure Smile and Harmony.

In addition we offer other aesthetic orthodontic appliance such as Invisalign. Seattle orthodontist Dr Christopher Riolo’s use of different custom lingual bracket and clear aligner systems enables us to choose the best system for each patient. This ability to choose the best aesthetic system for our patients allows us to deliver the highest quality treatment at the lowest possible cost.

An Orthodontic Experience You Can Trust

Seattle orthodontist Dr. Christopher Riolo understands your smile is a feature that makes a big statement about you. We combine Dr Riolo’s 20 years of orthodontic experience with the industry’s cutting edge technology. Dr Riolo is an expert in custom orthodontic systems with both the clinical and academic background to ensure that you and your loved ones will get the best possible care in our office.

Setting the Standard for Treatment & Care

  • We offer convenient weekend and evening hours. We understand that it can be very difficult to find time for regular appointments, so we offer extensive evening and weekend hours; our goal is to make excellent orthodontic treatment both affordable and convenient.
  • Our treatment suite includes discreet, “barely there” alternatives to traditional braces, including Invisalign clear aligners. And did you know Riolo Orthodontics’ is the Northwest’s top provider of Incognito “behind the teeth” braces? Learn more here.
  • We were the first practice to offer 3D digital scanning using the new True Def intaoral scanner on the west coast. This technology allows use to not only increase precision but to eliminate messy impressions. We now have the ability to produce exact digital models for each of our patients that shows their teeth after orthodontic alignment.
  • We utilize the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available today including 3D Imaging. This allows us to more accurately evaluate and diagnose your treatment than with traditional two dimensional x-rays.
  • We make orthodontics affordable with easy payment options to meet your needs. Including interest fee “in house” financing as well as extended financing through Care Credit.

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When you’re ready to take the next step toward orthodontic treatment, please contact our one of our two convenient locations in Seattle for your complimentary orthodontic consultation and get ready to start smiling!

We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Bellevue, Mercer Island, Madrona, South Lake, Bellevue and Mercer Island.

Custom SureSmile Lingual Brackets

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Patient Experience

See what our patients have to say about their treatment with Riolo Orthodontics!

Patients Love Riolo Orthodontics!

Dr. Riolo,Is an amazing person first and foremost, he was always inviting and honest. I went to Dr. R. after three other orthos failed my teen son. He was always open and honest about charges, and goals. He maid my son feel comfortable and excited again about getting the braces off. They set a goal together for 6 months and both did their part to complete it. Dr. R. made sure we were equipped with all that is needed for my son to maintain great smile. I would recommend Dr. R. 10 times over. I don’t write reviews and it took me forever to get this one done, but it’s been on my mind when I see my son smile. Hope this helps you make the right decision and choose Dr. R. and his awesome team for your goals too.
Got lingual braces from this office and it was an excellent experience. Dr. Riolo runs a tight ship, and was very accommodating throughout the years.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for review! We love using lingual braces. It was a pleasure.
I had a wonderful experience with Riolo Orthodontics as they helped fix long standing issues I had. I needed lingual braces which was new to me but couldn’t be happier I went that route. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with dental work. They have a great team and Dr. Riolo is very great at what he does!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kinds words... I was a pleasure, we love lingual braces!
Amazing service. One of my braces chain fell out and as I’m going through braces treatment overseas, I couldn’t approach my own orthodontist. I had to circle through many clinics, many of whom rejected me citing the need for appointment and lack of tools. However, Riolu Orthodontics not only fixed it for me immediately, they did so free of charge as well. Very impressive and accommodating service to a foreigner.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind words... It was a pleasure!
Dr. Riolo and his team have exceeded my expectations in delivering exceptional care throughout my treatment with lingual braces. Dr. Riolo took the time to thoroughly explain my treatment options, ensuring I fully understood the benefits and potential drawbacks of each. Thanks to his expertise, my teeth now look amazing!Furthermore, despite my demanding work schedule, Dr. Riolo's office consistently accommodated my needs by efficiently scheduling appointments and prioritizing urgent matters. The entire staff is not only friendly but also highly professional, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Riolo Orthodontics to anyone seeking top-notch orthodontic care.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the kind review! We love using lingual braces 🙂
Dr. Riolo and his team are amazing. I came to this team with a complicated case which required input from multiple specialists. I moved forward with using lingual braces. They were amazing. As an adult who spends a lot of time on camera for work, It was important for me to have low-detection style braces. Dr. Riolo really worked with me to help decide which type of braces make the most sense me. Truly, from the first appointment to when I had my braces removed, It was clear that my case was met with personalized attention and care. If you want dedicated care, highly qualified doctors running your treatment plan, modern and non-invasive technical tools, and friendly experts, then this is the place for you. Highly recommend Dr. Riolo for minimal or highly complex orthodontics needs.
Response from the owner: Nanna, thanks for the great review. We all appreciate it!
Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Riolo and his staff. Had some minor work done and he was communicative and trustworthy all the way through the process. Thanks!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind words... We appriciate your trust
Chris Riolo and his staff are awesome. I had 3 consultations until I found his office, his technology and advice is unbeatable. He made sure I went and got a periodontist opinion before starting braces. His office is the only one that understood that I needed orthodontics for more than vanity reasons. The office was also able to get my insurance to respond with their end of the payment when other offices were causing issues. I really appreciate them here and highly recommend, thank you.
Response from the owner: Mary, thanks for the great review, we love using lingual braces. I was a pleasure!
Dr. Riolo and his team are absolutely incredible! He is so knowledgable and patient, and makes sure you understand what's going on for every step along the way. The assistants are kind and welcoming, and are tremendously knowledgable as well. My confidence has skyrocketed because of my new smile and I cannot thank Dr. Riolo and his team enough!
I began my relationship with Dr Riolo and his team in 2021 following a necessary Bi-maxillary Osteotomy performed by my oral surgeon. My treatment was long and extensive including Lingual braces as well as Invisalign.Dr Riolo and his team put me at ease and held my hand through my difficult recovery process and orthodontic journey.From the front office to his orthodontic assistants I have always received great customer service and exceptional care. They also have a few locations which makes scheduling more flexible and accommodating.Dr Riolo is thoughtful, meticulous, focused on perfect results and at the same time fun and friendly. He always took time to explain each step of treatment and why it was necessary. My treatment is almost finished and I will be recommending Dr Riolo and his team long after my treatment is over. My results exceeded my expectations and I am grateful for their care.
Doctor Riolo and his staff have been the most professional, patient, understanding and honest set of individuals I have ever encountered.It all started when one of my friend’s recommended Dr. Riolo for his amazing skills as an Orthodontist.When I first met up with Dr. Riolo, he took his time with explaining the whole process from A to Z about Lingual Braces. The quote he said that stood out for me was that “my teeth may not be perfect but they will look MUCH BETTER”. Considering how crooked my teeth were, the progress was as perfect as it could get.Immediately along with his assistant Cali we created an action plan for my teeth. I got my teeth scanned and before I knew it I had Lingual Braces. Every couple weeks I had my adjustments and all of my concerns were promptly addressed.Another example of how amazing Dr. Riolo is, one time I was on a jet ski and my bracket popped open. It was a Sunday morning and I texted Dr. Riolo about what had happened. He came on his day off on Sunday night and opened his practice just to fix my bracket. That incident showed me that Dr. Riolo truly cares for his patients and is a man of his word. Towards the end of my treatments I requested a few of my teeth to be reshaped and once again Dr. Riolo made it happen while making my teeth look exceptional. I always felt very understood.As a healthcare worker myself I can honestly say that Dr. Riolo does an outstanding job and goes above and beyond at being a MASTER AT HIS CRAFT. He didn’t only forever change my smile but also my life.
Response from the owner: It has been a pleasure to have you as a patient. It is always fun to work as a team with the patient to get amazing results. Thanks for the kind words!
A great experience as an older adult patient. I would give 10 stars if I could. Dr. Riolo is so very competent and knowledgeable, he watched over every step of my treatment and the staff was wonderful and very well trained. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review. It is always a pleasure to see.Thanks!
What a great experience! A few years ago I was searching for an orthodontist and made a great decision by going to Riolo. The staff is so friendly and pleasant, Dr. Riolo is absolutely wonderful and the office is modern with high tech and modern! I was very impressed. I highly recommend Dr. Riolo!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review. Love your smile 😁
I rarely leave online reviews, but Dr. Riolo is a true 5 star experience. For all of you that got braces when you were little and need them again. Or those that don't want to deal with traditional braces in the middle of your career. Me too - and thank goodness I was referred to Riolo.I did lingual braces and couldn't have had a better experience. Did you know Dr. Riolo is famous in the dental world for using cutting edge technology to make the braces experience faster/easier/cheaper? My neighbors who are dentists fangirled that I was getting his treatment plan.You get used to them quickly and no one will know you have braces unless you tell them (truly, I had to actually tell people I had them when I was feeling self-conscious that they might have noticed).Outside of just the dental experience Dr. Riolo is super warm & engaging, with a talented/kind/flexible staff, and a convenient/elegant office blocks from Amazon in SLU. Oh, and did I mention they have an amazing payment plan?I can't think of a single bad thing to say. Go get your teeth fixed by Dr. Riolo. 😀
I'm so happy to have my teeth aligned. Dr Riolo saw me on each visit, and his staff was friendly and thorough.
Orthodontic care is not just about the final result, it's about the process of getting there. The procedures may take years and can be difficult for many children. Dr. Riolo and his staff are not just a great orthodontics team, they are compassionate and emotionally intelligent. They put a lot of effort into creating the best experience possible for their patients.This team has cared for all 3 of our children. Their smiles look great AND the experience was positive for each child.At every single appointment (for 3 kids over 7 years) the doctor and his staff were kind, patient and flexible, meeting each child where they were at the time. If the child was anxious or worried, they were treated with understanding and compassion while their needs and concerns were fully addressed. When necessary, the process was adapted to better support the child.One of our children has special needs and sensory processing issues and had a lot of anxiety about the orthodontic process. Because of this, the process took more than a year longer than it normally would have and required many more appointments. Dr. Riolo and his staff were unfailingly supportive and understanding throughout the entire process.Never once was our daughter made to feel uncomfortable because of her special needs, nor were we as parents. And we were never charged a penny more for all of the extra time and effort the team invested to ensure a great outcome for her.This doctor is an artist. His team is composed of compassionate professionals. I cannot imagine a better orthodontic experience for our children.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the feedback and the kind words... It was a pleasure!
Dr Riolo and his staff are great! I love my results and am glad I chose Dr Riolo after shopping around. This was all before the pandemic, and I paid upfront. During all the upheaval he went above and beyond the original treatment schedule and made his focus ensuring my teeth turned out great.His office staff share a good rapport, and I always felt comfortable in his office. Glad I made the right decision, in treatment and doctor.
Response from the owner: Brian, thanks so much for the kind words. It was a pleasure!
Greetings! After completing my orthodontic treatment I want to share my extremely positive experience with Dr. Chris Riolo and his Seattle team.From day one I knew I was in the best of hands--not only was everyone technically superb, with cutting edge tech, but an unexpected bonus was the TLC (tender loving care for those who've never experienced it) from each and ever staff member.High tech and high touch! Too often these are woefully separate experiences. Advanced technical proficency doesn't always come with a high level of empathy or even basic human understanding. (Left brain / right brain?)In my time, I have been around the block many times with dental professionals--and believe me, I know the best when I find one--when I actually look forward to and enjoy the appointments.In all honesty, I can't recommend a course of ortho to absolutely everyone whether they need it or not--but for those who are contemplating this path--my praise for the Riolo team experience is absolute. You will be thrilled with your decision, as I have been.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated and it is pleasure to have you as a patient!
Dr. Riolo is, hands down, the BEST orthodontist for busy people and working professionals. He and his dedicated team are extremely client-oriented and ensure you get the optimal outcome. I had a lingual braces treatment to fix years of grinding, and it was so unobtrusive that several friends had no idea I was going through the treatment. I would highly recommend at least meeting Dr. Riolo for a consultation, as his approach and demeanor inspires a lot of confidence in the process and the ultimate outcome.
Response from the owner: We are proud of the result... Thanks from the whole team
I got braces through Riolo Orthodontics from July 2020 through January 2023.They were very professional through the entire process and I left with a new and refreshing smile!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure 🙂
People seem moved to write reviews when they're extremely happy or extremely unhappy with a practice. I fall into the first category. From start to finish, Dr. Riolo was warm, friendly and thoughtful and went out of his way to provide excellent care. In the pre-vaccine Covid months, he opened his office after hours to help me protect my immuno-compromised husband. Later, when I flip-flopped on a decision to do restorative work--prolonging my orthodonture by six months--he didn't charge for the extra time. His focus was always on making sure I had the best possible outcome. The only negative in this whole process is I can't seem to stop smiling at my teeth in the mirror. I truly didn't imagine the outcome would be as good as it is.
Response from the owner: Wow... That for the kind review. I love your smile!
It was a joy working with the entire Riolo Orthodontic team in Seattle! I am so pleased with the results of my lingual braces to correct an adjustment to my teeth from an earlier orthodontic treatment as a teen. The procedures were made easy by the friendly Riolo team and their innovative suite of options, including SprintRay 3D technologies — and the lingual braces did not interfere with my ability to conduct my professional responsibilities that involved public speaking and high visible, in-person and virtual client interactions. I highly recommend anyone seeking orthodontic care to check out Riolo Orthodontics — you will find an exceptional patient experience with excellent dental results!
Dr Riolo and his staff are amazing. They provided a plan and cost up front, and it was better than they initially planned. They follow up and checked in often, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The follow on support is also something I didn’t expect. Best Ortho in Seattle 😁.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the vote of confidence. We appreciate you trusting us with your care.
During the pandemic Dr. Riolo worked closely with my husband's dentist to ensure the ultimate orthodontics care. The staff is amazing and they were always able to accommodate scheduling. I highly recommend Dr. Riolo. Your smile will never look better.
Response from the owner: Thanks for much for the confidence, it was a pleasure, enjoy the smile!
This is one very happy client of Dr Riolo’s. He and the excellent office team work tirelessly making sure everything is perfect. My teeth are finally functioning properly. Follow up visits included in the fee, ensure optimal results.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the kind words....
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