Smile with Incognito, Invisalign, and Leading Edge Braces at Riolo Orthodontics in Seattle, WA

Board certified Seattle orthodontist Dr. Christopher Riolo at Riolo Orthodontics is the Pacific Northwest’s largest provider of Incognito lingual brackets, truly invisible braces behind the teeth.  This lingual orthodontic system enables us to deliver the highest quality treatment at the lowest possible cost.

At Riolo Orthodontics, we understand your smile is a feature that makes a big statement about you.  We combine Dr Riolo’s 18 years of orthodontic experience with the industry’s cutting edge technology.  Dr Riolo is an expert in custom orthodontic systems with both the clinical and academic background to ensure that you and your loved ones will get the best possible care in our office.  Not only do we offer Incognito invisible braces for those who don’t want to be seen wearing braces, we also offer Invisalign and both custom and traditional braces.  For information about orthodontics visit our blog.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about orthodontics in general or your smile in particular.

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