Lunch and Learn with Riolo Orthodontics

We have been working to get the word out to the dental community regarding orthodontic treatment options involving lingual custom orthodontic appliances.  These braces placed behind the teeth open new esthetic treatment options for patients as well as a powerful treatment alternatives for orthodontists.

We held a “Lunch and Learn” continuing education lecture Wednesday and Thursday this week.

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We presented information about custom orthodontic appliance and Incognito braces behind the teeth to local dentists, hygienists and dental assistants and had a great time in the process. There is lots of great information about Incognito braces on many of our blog posts.  You can find the blog at, If you have any questions about either Incognito braces or conventional braces contact us at or through the “contact us” page at this web site. Dr Riolo will usually respond within hours.