We have been working on remodeling our office in the Medical Dental Building through out last winter and it is finally coming together.  We have added three new treatment rooms geared toward treating our lingual (Incognito) patients.  These rooms have installed hookups for the specialized equipment necessary to delivery Incognito braces quickly and efficiently. 

We have also networked these rooms and upgraded the software used for viewing our digital models, Incognito setups and completely paperless patient records.  We have also installed a new 42 inch touch monitor with a built in computer to better display and manipulate our digital models the Incognito setups.

We have expanded the office and created a new sterilization room, records and consultation area as well as space to house the Panoramic, Cephalometric and 3D focused field imaging equipment.  In addition we upgraded the software associated with the imaging equipment.  We have improved our ability to analysis the digital imaged through cephalometric analysis.  This software upgrade will improve our ability to diagnose and efficiently treatment plan orthodontic care.  We also have expanded the analysis available this will allow us to efficiently analyze our finished treatment in order to continually identify areas where we can improve patient care.  We have also added analysis that will facilitate our periodic American Board of Orthodontics recertification which is next due in 2019 (Yes, we are planning ahead!)

Morning setup at the Madrona Mayfair

Morning setup at the Madrona Mayfair

The Madrona May Fair took place yesterday and Riolo Orthodontics was there! We sponsored the Kid’s Concert featuring the ” Not-Its” .   Miranda and Andrew were handing out Balloons with “Lakeview Kids Dentistry” and “LakeView Orthodontics” logos; there was lots of chocolate too….

Mina at the Madrona Mayfair

Mina at the Madrona Mayfair, holding up her end....

Mina, Burcu, Miranda, and Andrew were working hard and having a great time…..

The Kids Band at Madrona Mayfair

The Kids Band at Madrona Mayfair sponsored by Lakeview Orthodontics

At Riolo Orthodontics we are not just about Incognito and lingual brackets…. We love to do kids’ braces also. At our Madrona location “Lakeview Orthodontics” we have lots of kid patients. We share space with Dr. Stephen Stuehling at Lakeview Kids Dentistry, www.LakeviewKidsDentistry.com

The Madrona community council is hosting Madrona May fairthis year on Saturday, May 12th.  The festivities in Madrona will continue through the day; the first half of the day will have all the usual family-friendly events such as pony rides, bouncy houses, etc at the Madrona Playground and then continue through the afternoon in the Madrona Business District with live music, food and drink, and retail specials.  Riolo Orthodontics is proud to be sponsoring the kids concert in the afternoon.

The Riolo Orthodontics May Fair kids concert

We are hoping for sunny weather the weekend of May 12th. The second Saturday in May is the Mayfair in Madrona and rain or shine the May fair will begin at 9:00 AM and the festivities will continue all day. Fellow Madrona residents, the Madrona Community Council, and Madrona businesses including Riolo Orthodontics and Lake View Kids Dentistry are pitching in to make it a great event.

Riolo Orthodontics supports May Fair in Madrona

People will start gathering at Alvin Larkins Park around 9:00 AM and the parade (which consists of neighborhood kids on bikes and their parents walking along) will get started around 9:30 AM. The parade will go along 34th Avenue and end at Madrona Playground where there will be free entertainment including pony rides, bouncy house, face painting, and other carnival games. St. Cloud’s and Molly Moon’s will be selling food and there will also be a neighborhood bake sale. So come down to the Madrona Mayfair – it will be a great time no matter the weather!