Great Progress On The Downtown Orthodontic Office Remodel

We have been working on remodeling our office in the Medical Dental Building through out last winter and it is finally coming together.  We have added three new treatment rooms geared toward treating our lingual (Incognito) patients.  These rooms have installed hookups for the specialized equipment necessary to delivery Incognito braces quickly and efficiently. 

We have also networked these rooms and upgraded the software used for viewing our digital models, Incognito setups and completely paperless patient records.  We have also installed a new 42 inch touch monitor with a built in computer to better display and manipulate our digital models the Incognito setups.

We have expanded the office and created a new sterilization room, records and consultation area as well as space to house the Panoramic, Cephalometric and 3D focused field imaging equipment.  In addition we upgraded the software associated with the imaging equipment.  We have improved our ability to analysis the digital imaged through cephalometric analysis.  This software upgrade will improve our ability to diagnose and efficiently treatment plan orthodontic care.  We also have expanded the analysis available this will allow us to efficiently analyze our finished treatment in order to continually identify areas where we can improve patient care.  We have also added analysis that will facilitate our periodic American Board of Orthodontics recertification which is next due in 2019 (Yes, we are planning ahead!)