Invisalign Gets More Than A Face Lift

Invisalign G4 incorporates the latest research from Invisalign to optimize clinical outcomes.

We spent the day attending the latest advanced Invisalign course that was held in Seattle today.  Invisalign has debuted their latest technology, G4.  We studied the latest information related tot these series of high tech attachments that maximize our ability to achieve predictable treatment results in difficult orthodontic cases. Invisalign G4 addresses certain tooth movements that in the past have commonly been considered difficult to achieve with aligners. One feature of these new attachments is designed for better mesio-distal root control of the canines and upper centrals. Some of the clinical applications are space closure, bodily movement, midline shift and mesio-distal uprighting. A second feature addresses movement of the upper laterals. This new feature will address some of the most common multi-plane movements of the lateral, such as extrusion combined with crown tip and rotation.    A third feature is designed to control the extrusion of four upper incisors as one unit. The feature provides for better control and more efficient extrusion of the anterior teeth in the treatment of patients with anterior open bite.   We are confident that Invisalign G4 features, which address the predictability of tooth movement, will enhance the clinicians’ ability to achieve excellent treatment outcomes with the Invisalign system. 

Optimized Root Control Attachments are designed to provide mesio-distal root tip control of canines and upper centrals which in the past have been problem areas for orthodontist trying to achieve ideal treatment results with Invisalign. At Riolo Orthodontics we are continually striving to keep up to date on the latest development in technologies that help our office achieve excellent clinical outcomes using esthetic treatment options.