Essentials for Orthodontic Practice

Just a few reasons why “Essential for Orthodontic Practice” is an excellent new educational resource for both the student and practitioner:
Includes chapters in four sections that follow the Commission on Dental Accreditation format and Guidelines for Students of Orthodontics in Dental School.

Provides the essential information on growth and development, psychosocial, behavioral and compliance aspects of care. Covers the foundations for orthodontics, Details the exam and diagnostic process, Reviews the basics of orthodontics treatment and its effects

Dr Riolo
Drs. Riolo and Bayirli are contributers to the orthodontic text book, “Essentials For Orthodontic Practice”

Contains 700 pages with full color presentation for maximum visual learning

Details many new frontiers for the exam, orthodontic records, diagnosis and planning treatment. Includes a definitive chapter on epidemiology and malocclusion

Table of Contents
Section I Growth and Development

1. Developmental, Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Compliance Aspects of Care
Stephanie A. Riolo and Steven J. Ceresnie
2. Prenatal Craniofacial Development
Malcom C. Johnston and James K. Avery
3. Postnatal Craniofacial Development: Muscles and Nerves
Malcom C. Johnston and James K. Avery
4. Growth of the Craniofacial Skeleton
Donald H. Enlow
5. Development of the Dentition and Occlusion
James Mah, John E. Grubb, Robyn S. Silberstein and Michael L. Riolo

Section II Foundations of Orthodontics

6. Classification and Terminology
Joseph Damone II
7. Etiology of Malocclusion
Anne-Marie Bollen
8. Force Systems and Tissue Response
Daman D. Thanik, Richard Kulbersh and James K. Avery
9. Tissue Engineering
William L. Murphy and David J. Mooney
10. Clinical Epidemiology and Malocclusion
Burcu Bayirli

Section III Examination and Diagnosis

11. Orthodontic Exam and Diagnosis
G. Frans Currier
12. Analysis of Orofacial and Jaw Musculature
Christian S. Stohler
13. Analysis of Dentition and Occlusion
Deborah E. Priestap, Michelle J. Thornberg and Michael L. Riolo
14. Dental Dysmorphogenesis
Robyn S. Silberstein
15. Analysis of the Orofacial Skeleton
W. Stuart Hunter
16. Planning Orthodontic Treatment
Christopher S. Riolo and James L. Vaden

Section IV Treatment and Effects

17. Preadolescent Treatment
Michael L. Riolo, Colin A. Mayers and William M. Northway
18. Adolescent Treatment
Thomas J. Cangialosi and Stella S. Efstratiadis
19. Adult Treatment
Valmy Pangrazio-Kulbersh
20. Treatment of Patients with Craniofacial Anomalies
Bailey N. Jacobson and Ronald S. Jacobson
21. Retention, Relapse and the Recurrence of Malocclusion
Manish Valiathan and Mark G. Hans
22. The Adverse Effects of Orthodontic Treatment
William F. Hohlt and Judith B. Rose


The AJODO Review of “Essentials for Orthodontic Practice” is presented below:

Essentials for Orthodontic Practice 
Michael L. Riolo and James K. Avery

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