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“Do It Yourself” orthodontics?

The public should be wary of two companies, SmileCareClub and CrystalBraces, that are now offering orthodontic aligners for adults and older teenagers.  Unlike products like “Invisalign” that use used under the supervision of a dental professional these aligners attempt to straighten their teeth at home with the assistance of a customer representative rather than a prescribing dental professional;  this company representative has never actually examined the “customer”.  There is great potential to do harm up to and including the loss of teeth by attempting orthodontic tooth movement without the supervision of a dental professional.

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We are heading to San Francisco for the 2015 annual AAO meeting

115th annual session of the AAO
115th annual session of the AAO

The American Association of orthodontists are holding their annual meeting in San Francisco May 15th through the 19th and our office will be there.  We will be attending lectures and working to stay on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology as well as having a little fun!  We will also be attending the ALOA, American Lingual Orthodontic Read More

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At Riolo Orthodontics we use our custom orthodontic appliance technology to allows you to view your final orthodontic treatment results before you begin your treatment. We build in your individual treatment result into your custom orthodontic appliance. We do this by digitally scanning your teeth and producing a digital model of your “crooked” teeth (see the digital models below). Dr Riolo then performs “digital orthodontics” to simulate your treatment, resulting in a finished orthodontic model of your actual finished result.Read More