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The office now has a new Form Labs 3D printer

We use the 3D printer to print models of your teeth and create retainers, aligners and many other orthodontic appliances. Combined with the 3D digital scanner it can create models of your teeth that are much more accurate. Furthermore this method will create a more accurate retainer compared to the traditional method of taking a mold of your mouth. After you get your retainer you can keep the 3D printed version of your teeth. This model can be brought in to make a new retainer if you lose your retainer or your dog happens to chew it. We also keep a digital copy of your teeth that can be reprinted if you happen to lose both your retainer and 3D printed model.

How the 3D printer works

First we take a scan with our intra-oral digital scanner. Next the file is edited to have a base added and so that it is smoothed out. After the file has been edited it is uploaded to the 3D printer. Our Printer employs SLA (Stereolithography) printing technology which hardens resin with a ultraviolet laser in very small layers building upon each other. After the print the build supports of the model are removed. The model is then soaked in a bath of isopropanol for two sessions of ten minuets. After that you are left with an orthodontic model. This SLA technology is used in the production many orthodontic appliances including Invisalign.

The benefits of the 3D printer for patients

The intra-oral scanner is less invasive than the traditional impressions. Since the these digital models are printed in house we can turn these models around the same day!  We now have the ability to produce retainers the same day as the braces are removed.  This means there is no chance the teeth will move before you get your retainers. The 3D scan and 3D printing is also more accurate than impressions so the retainer will fit your teeth perfectly.

We are continuously working to improve the quality and convenience at Riolo Orthodontics.  You can contact us at to make an appointment or just ask us a question.

3D Printer

2015 Health Fair at the Medical Dental Building

Riolo Orthodontics is participating at the 2015 Medical Dental Building Health Fair. We have a table setup with information regarding esthetic orthodontic treatment options including Invisalign and Incognito braces behind the teeth. Cali and Stephanie have our TruDef intraoral scanner on display along with the Invisalign clincheck software.

Cali and Stephanie at the 2015 MDB Health Fair
Cali and Stephanie at the 2015 MDB Health Fair

We are offering fee initial orthodontic records including the digital intraoral scan and the Invisalign treatment setup. We are also including a second appointment at no charge to review your Invisalign setup with Dr Riolo; you will be able to see your treatment result before we even begin aligner therapy with Invisalign!

We are the largest provider of Incognito Invisable braces behind the teeth in the Pacific Northwest. Dr Riolo has been using Incognito lingual braces since 2006.  Dr Riolo wore these braces behind his teeth himself so he understands this the Incognito system from multiple prospectives.

Dr Riolo initially certified as an Incognito provider in 2006, Riolo orthodontics is now recognized as an “Center for Excellence” by 3M Unitek and Incognito Braces.  Today lingual braces (braces behind the teeth) are used on about a third of our patients.  

If you miss the Health Fair you can contact us at our Invisalign special offer is in effect until through the month of June.

SureSmile, Invisalign, Incognito


At Riolo Orthodontics we use our custom orthodontic appliance technology to allows you to view your final orthodontic treatment results before you begin your treatment. We build in your individual treatment result into your custom orthodontic appliance. We do this by digitally scanning your teeth and producing a digital model of your “crooked” teeth (see the digital models below). Dr Riolo then performs “digital orthodontics” to simulate your treatment, resulting in a finished orthodontic model of your actual finished result.Read more on SureSmile, Invisalign, Incognito…

Orthodontic questions and answers with Dr Riolo

What are custom orthodontic appliances?

Custom orthodontic appliances are made specifically for a single individual; these appliances are “programmed” to straighten a specific individuals teeth and therefore will not work for any other patient.  There are many types of custom appliances, these appliances are customized in different ways.  In some cases only the bracket (like the Insignia bracket system) is customized, in others only the wires are customized (such as the Suresmile system), while the Incognito system customizes both the bracket and the wires.  These appliances are fabricated and pre-programmed to move the teeth in the predetermined position.  There are also removable custom appliances like Invisalign where clear trays are fabricated to fit a single individual and these tray are fabricated to move that persons teeth into a predetermined position.Read more on Orthodontic questions and answers with Dr Riolo…