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Next Gen Orthodontics: 3D printing to fabricate In-house custom appliances

In-house custom orthodontics is on the horizon.  With the advent of of accurate and inexpensive resin 3D printing it is now obvious to many that in-house clear aligners are the future of specialty orthodontic care.  As market penetration of intraoral scanner approaches 100% among orthodontic specialists the means to manifest these “models” physically cannot be far behind.  Over the next 5 years there will be an explosion of resin 3D printing in orthodontic office around the world.

Once an orthodontist has the ability to manufacture a same day or same appointment Essix type retainers using their 3D printers instead the alginate and stone technology from the last century; how far behind can be in-house clear aligner for the correction of minor problems such as food impaction spaces, minor rotations and orthodontic relapse?

3D printing to fabricate custom orthodontic brackets
An STL custom base with bracket attached. this custom base STL is 3D printed in medical grade stainless steel. The resulting bractet is shown in the next figure.
3D printing to fabricate custom orthodontic brackets
A lingual molar bracket laser welded to a custom base 3D printed in medical grade stainless steel

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize orthodontics.  Rather than working with third party entities to purchase stock fixed orthodontic appliance systems or in some cases using third party entities for the fabrication custom fixed appliance systems such as Invisalign or Incognito we will soon have the ability to fabricate these appliance systems in-house.  We believe that many cutting edge orthodontist will soon be printing in-house custom appliances for their patient using both resin and metal 3D printing technology.  At Riolo Orthodontic we have been employing these technologies to improve the care we offer our patients.  We are dedicated to providing the best possible orthodontic care aesthetically.  We believe that not only should your smile look great after treatment but it should also look great during treatment!

“Do It Yourself” orthodontics?

The public should be wary of two companies, SmileCareClub and CrystalBraces, that are now offering orthodontic aligners for adults and older teenagers.  Unlike products like “Invisalign” that use used under the supervision of a dental professional these aligners attempt to straighten their teeth at home with the assistance of a customer representative rather than a prescribing dental professional;  this company representative has never actually examined the “customer”.  There is great potential to do harm up to and including the loss of teeth by attempting orthodontic tooth movement without the supervision of a dental professional.

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Orthodontic questions and answers with Dr Riolo

What are custom orthodontic appliances?

Custom orthodontic appliances are made specifically for a single individual; these appliances are “programmed” to straighten a specific individuals teeth and therefore will not work for any other patient.  There are many types of custom appliances, these appliances are customized in different ways.  In some cases only the bracket (like the Insignia bracket system) is customized, in others only the wires are customized (such as the Suresmile system), while the Incognito system customizes both the bracket and the wires.  These appliances are fabricated and pre-programmed to move the teeth in the predetermined position.  There are also removable custom appliances like Invisalign where clear trays are fabricated to fit a single individual and these tray are fabricated to move that persons teeth into a predetermined position.Read more on Orthodontic questions and answers with Dr Riolo…

Seattle orthodontist patients’ guide to Invisalign

Does Invisalign work?

Yes, but the answer is complicated. Invisalign is a custom orthodontic appliance that is innovative and technically sophisticated. This appliance can be a powerful tool in well trained experienced hands

Invisalign is a commercial product that is marketed directly to the public. This marketing leads many patients to believe that any orthodontic problem can be treated using Invisalign. Invisalign technology is also heavily marketed to both orthodontists and general dentists under the mistaken belief that the computer-programed used to generate Invisalign treatment is sufficiently sophisticated to produce satisfactory orthodontic treatment results without significant doctor modification. This has not proven to be true and there are a number of reasons why:Read more on Seattle orthodontist patients’ guide to Invisalign…