Seattle Magazine

Dr Christopher Riolo is one of a handful of orthodontists in the seattle area using a a new state-of-the-art technology for braces that are custom made and essentially hidden.  Dr Riolo has been advocating the unique process for several years and say’s there are a number of advantages to using the incognito bracket system.

“They are braces that go behind the teeth instead of in front” say’s Dr Riolo.  “There are a couple of advantages; first the aesthetic element is obviously improved.  The braces are hidden and you do not have to worry about stains.  Additionally, the way the brackets are manufactured is quite unique. The braces are individually custom made for each patients unique set of problems.” New technology has paved the way for “Hidden braces” as the manufacturer take a three-dimensional image to the teeth and jaws, then with the help of the orthodontist and using Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (or CAD/CAM) they are able to fuse together the normally separate processes of bracket production and bracket positioning.  The custom bracket design allows the orthodontist to individually design the bracket to minimize the bracket profile and reduce patient discomfort during the adaptation phase.  The fact that the patients individual treatment needs can be built into the bracket design minimizes treatment time and allows for increased precision during the detailing and finishing.

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