Riolo Orthodontics now has 3D focused field imaging

 3D focused field imaging may be integral to the future of orthodontics. Custom brackets like the Incognito bracket system may soon be contructed from 3D imaging data like the data produced from the Kodak 9000c 3D.

The Kodack 9000c 3D performs focused field 3D imaging
Riolo Orthodontics uses the KODAK 9000 3D System to deliver an unprecedented level of detail, providing anatomically correct images with 1:1 measurements that allow us to confidently manage our patients orthodontic treatment.  With this 3D system’s focused field of view, you not only receive all the angles and slices you need, you get the highest resolution images you can imagine using the lowest possible x-ray exposure.  The KODAK 9000 3D System’s focused field of view limits radiation to a specific region of interest, so our patients are exposed to the lowest possible radiation dose— in many cases less exposure than a standard panoramic view.  Our KODAK 9000 3D has Cephalometric imaging abilities including revolutionary one-shot technology, cephalometric image acquisition takes less than a second—thereby reducing exposure time and the risk of retakes due to patient movement.

With the KODAK 9000C 3D System, we can perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments right in our office, rather than referring patients to imaging centers. Reduce multiple visits, prevent rescheduling issues, and enhance patient care with three versatile imaging abilities right at your fingertips: panoramic, cephalometric, and focused field 3D imaging.

Whether we use the 2D or 3D program, positioning patients is easier than ever allowing us to capture images while patients are sitting or standing.

Our KODAK 9000C 3D System enables us to process the following imaging views:

• Standard Panoramic

• Segmented Panoramic

• Child Panoramic

• Lateral TMJ (2 and 4 views)

• Maxillary Sinus

• Lateral Cephalometric

• Oblique Cephalometric

• Frontal (AP/PA) Cephalometric

• Submento-Vertex Cephalometric

• Carpus Cephalometric 

We are excited to now have the ability to now take virtually any radiograph conceivable during orthodontic treatment without having refer our patients to an outside imaging center, saving both time and money for our patients.   If you have questions about the Kodak 9000c 3D or orthodontic treatment do not hesitate to contact our office at 206.467.4441 or through our web site at