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Incognito Truely Invisable Braces Behind the Teeth at Riolo Orthodontics

Welcome to Riolo Orthodontics!  You have begun an exciting journey to get the smile you have always wanted with the premier orthodontic appliance in theRIOLO ORTHODONTICS
world today.  In addition, you have selected the most experienced provider of custom orthodontic solutions in the Pacific Northwest to help you make an amazing transformation.  Incognito™ braces behind the teeth represent the future of orthodontics and are the next generation, invisible alternative to conventional braces.Read More

Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning

Correct diagnosis is a crucial part of all patient’s treatment. As a result of orthodontic records collection and analysis, the orthodontist classifies the patient’s malocclusion. That classification helps determines the treatment that will follow based on knowledge that should be derived from evidence. Although clinical experience may be a guide to clinical decision making, clinicians’ experiences are not enough for the clinician to be able to understand all the mechanisms that lead to a malocclusion and the correction of that malocclusion. Actually, these experiences have been shown in many cases to be misleading. Read More

Thumb/Digit Sucking


Sucking of the hand, fingers, or thumb has been observed in utero as early as 29 weeks of gestation and is a nearly universal phenomenon in healthy newborns. Hand or digit sucking is usually harmless, but if it persists, can be associated with a number of problematic sequelae.Read More