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Custom Lingual Orthodontics

Custom orthodontic appliances are constructed for each patient with the finished orthodontic result programmed into each patient’s orthodontic  braces before the treatment even begins.  This means that the patient can actually participate in the design of their smile.  Each patient can see there finished “smile” before the treatment even begins.Read More

Presenting finished cases and discussing lingual braces “tips” in NYC

We are off to the Andez Hotel on 5th avenue to present to a group of Incognito users from all over the country. We are presenting 3 beautifully finished lingual custom braces treatments and a “Clinical Pearl” related to impacted canines.  The meeting hosted by 3M Unitek is a gathering of the top providers of lingual braces using the Incognito system in North America.  In addition to sharing ideas and clinical “tips” orthodontist at this meeting are discussing the latest technology and recent advances in digital orthodontics related to lingual orthodontics.Read More

Seattle orthodontist patients’ guide to Invisalign

Does Invisalign work?

Yes, but the answer is complicated. Invisalign is a custom orthodontic appliance that is innovative and technically sophisticated. This appliance can be a powerful tool in well trained experienced hands

Invisalign is a commercial product that is marketed directly to the public. This marketing leads many patients to believe that any orthodontic problem can be treated using Invisalign. Invisalign technology is also heavily marketed to both orthodontists and general dentists under the mistaken belief that the computer-programed used to generate Invisalign treatment is sufficiently sophisticated to produce satisfactory orthodontic treatment results without significant doctor modification. This has not proven to be true and there are a number of reasons why:Read More

What is Wilckodontics® and the PAOO Procedure?

If you’re considering braces but worry about the time you will have to spend in braces; there are treatment options for you! By combining oral surgery with traditional braces, your orthodontic treatment can be completed quicker than you’ve ever imagined. Riolo Orthodontics offers Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics(PAOO) also known as Wilkodontics. Drs Riolo and Bayirli can help you achieve your smile goals in months rather than years!Read More