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Orthodontic questions and answers with Dr Riolo

What are custom orthodontic appliances?

Custom orthodontic appliances are made specifically for a single individual; these appliances are “programmed” to straighten a specific individuals teeth and therefore will not work for any other patient.  There are many types of custom appliances, these appliances are customized in different ways.  In some cases only the bracket (like the Insignia bracket system) is customized, in others only the wires are customized (such as the Suresmile system), while the Incognito system customizes both the bracket and the wires.  These appliances are fabricated and pre-programmed to move the teeth in the predetermined position.  There are also removable custom appliances like Invisalign where clear trays are fabricated to fit a single individual and these tray are fabricated to move that persons teeth into a predetermined position.Read More

Riolo Orthodontics offers the Harmony lingual bracket

The HARMONY lingual bracket system has arrived in North America.  The Harmony bracket is a digitally customized self ligating lingual bracket system. Harmony has developed CAD/CAM technology and and robotically-formed arch wires.  The harmony system is a self ligating version of the 3M Unitek’s Incognito bracket system by that has been available in the United States for over 8 years. Read More

Riolo Orthodontics has just returned from the PCSO

The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists

The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists

The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists was founded in 1912 and has grown to nearly 3,000 members. PCSO is comprised of component organizations and is the largest constituent organization of the American Association of Orthodontists.  Dr Riolo attended the meeting in Anaheim CA and at that meeting was elected to the board of Washingtion State Society of Orthodontists, WSSO which is one of the  component organizations of the PCSO.Read More