LakeView Kids Dentistry, Seattle, WA.

LakeView Kids Dentistry, Seattle, WA.

As a pediatric dental practice, Dr. Stephen J. Stuehling and his team specialize in treating infants, children and teenagers. Their goal is to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy, attractive smile for a lifetime. Dr. Stuehling and his team pride ourselves on preventing dental problems, protecting children’s overall health, creating a relaxed dental environment, and developing a positive attitude towards dental care.  They are committed to making your child’s dental care easy, comfortable, enjoyable, and even educational. Their training, experience, dedication and patience will help your child experience dental care in the most supportive way possible. Riolo orthodontics is proud to partner with Lakeview Kids’ Dentistry. Dr Stuehling is conveniently located in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, Washington on the corner of 34th and Cherry. For more information about Stephen Stuehling and Lakeview Kids’ Dentistry check out their website below.


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