Incognito article in the Seattle Metropolitian magazine

Braces? What Braces?

Gone are the days of “brace face” and “metal mouth.” Incognito braces are the hot new way to straighten teeth. More discreet than traditional braces and able to correct misaligned teeth to a greater extent than Invisalign’s clear, removable aligners, Incognito braces are cast in gold in Germany, custom made, and fitted to the tongue side of your teeth—making them undetectable to anyone but the wearer. Dr. Christopher Riolo, who tested out the braces on his own teeth for two years, is the only orthodontist in Seattle to offer them, and reports they are “more accurate and efficient than traditional braces.” Dr. Christopher Riolo, Riolo Orthodontics, 509 Olive Way, Ste 824, 206-467-4441;