Wendell Wylie lecture (CANCELED due to COVID-19)

This is a single day presentation on digital orthodontics, 3D printing and associated new
technologies and techniques that can be used to add value to the care we offer our patients.
These technologies offer a unique opportunity for orthodontists to differentiate their
orthodontic practices and remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.
This presentation will include the rationale for 3D printing in orthodontics, a review of 3D
printing technology and the workflow required for 3D printing in your clinic. We will present
various resin and metal 3D printing applications that can be used to facilitate aesthetic
orthodontic treatment. Hybrid orthodontic techniques will be presented involving
combinations of in-house clear aligners, buccal and lingual fixed appliances in order to
maximize both efficiency and aesthetic during orthodontic treatment.
The issues related to developing the necessary workflow to implement in-house clear aligner
treatment in conjunction with fixed buccal and lingual treatment in your clinic will also be