Efficiency and precision using a custom bracket system

Unlike other custom or quasi custom bracket systems there is data to substantiate the performance of the incognito system.  In a soon to be published paper by Dr. Dan Gauer the precision of the incognito system is documented.  

The superimpositions shown above depict the pre-treatment alignment overlayed on the predicted treatment setup and the final treatment result overlayed on the the predicted treatment setup

Below are box plots of the differences in the vertical, inclination (torque) and angulation (tipping) of the initial setup.  These differences are planned (predicted) position of the teeth compared to the final tooth position for 200 consecutively treated patients using the incognito system.  These plot show that there is no significant difference in tooth position from the predicted to the result achieved for every tooth ecept the second molars.  Although statistically significant this difference in the second molars is not clinically significant and is primarly due to the fact that all orthodontic bracket systems have less control over second molar tooth position.

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