Some Questions and Answers Regarding Incognito Braces

Incognito Braces
Incognito Braces

Q: Would that treatment plan be as effective using braces behind the teeth as conventional braces?

A: Custom made brackets are more efficient than standard stock brackets that are mass produced for the “average” person.  The standard prescription in the stock bracket is not ideal for any individual.  It is produced to be as close to the correct prescription for the greatest number of patients and thereby is correct for no single individual. Theoretically, custom lingual is more efficient especially in terms of treatment time and precision. The literature show this and I have noticed a difference clinically; that being said it is possible to get an excellent result with either product.Read more on Some Questions and Answers Regarding Incognito Braces…

Thumb/Digit Sucking


Sucking of the hand, fingers, or thumb has been observed in utero as early as 29 weeks of gestation and is a nearly universal phenomenon in healthy newborns. Hand or digit sucking is usually harmless, but if it persists, can be associated with a number of problematic sequelae.Read more on Thumb/Digit Sucking…

Our Decalcification Prevention Program

Our goal is not only to provide a beautiful and functional smile for our patients, but also to promote oral health through excellent preventive care. The purpose of this blog entry is to inform our our patient and the parents of our patients of our protocols for proper care as well as our decalcification prevention program.

A special fluoride-releasing sealant is applied to the tooth surface at the time of appliance placement. This sealant is a light-cured agent that will completely set without an oxygen-inhibited layer. This creates a smooth, hard surface that prevents leakage, helps in the protection of the enamel by aiding in the prevention of decalcification. When indicated, we also periodically place a fluoride varnish to inhibit bacterial growth and decalcification.Read more on Our Decalcification Prevention Program…

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