Save with promo code: ADWORDS

Save with promo-code ADWORDS and get $650 off comprehensive treatment with lingual braces.  In addition to the no charge initial consultation with Dr Riolo this promotion includes:

No Charge initial orthodontic records and followup treatment consultation* including:

  • Photographic survey
  • Cephalometric imaging
  • Panoramic imaging
  • 3D digital scan and procession to create 3D digital models of your teeth
  • 3D radiographic imaging if needed to plan your orthodontic treatment

To make an appointment with us go to our Contact Us page and use the code ADWORDS in the subject line

*This promotion also includes your follow up treatment consultation (also at no charge) to review your personalized treatment plan using lingual braces behind the teeth.  Dr Riolo will create a digital setup of your teeth so you can see how your teeth look when they are straight. Offer expires on 8/31/2018. This offer has no cash value without comprehensive orthodontic treatment at Riolo Orthodontics.

Lingual braces are braces especially constructed to be used behind he teeth










Offer expires on 8/31/2018